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Welcome to 101 Parent! 

In the heart of downtown Ottawa and within walking distance from the University of Ottawa is a little house that, from the outside, is not very remarkable. However, since 1983 thousands of young adults have flocked to this house and their lives have been changed.

101 Parent is a young adult center ministering to students and young adults in the work force. Through different activities they are encouraged to learn and to grow as human beings as well as spiritual beings while having fun.

I encourage you to take the time to visit our site to familiarize yourself with the ministry of 101 parent and the different activities that are offered. Unfortunately, many activities are held in French and their description is only summarized in the English portion of our site. Please refer to the French section for more detail if they are of interest to you or contact us.

For our English speaking visitors, may we invite you to click on the Taizé tab. This activity is multilingual, multicultural and interdenominational. We also rent out rooms to English speaking residents during the summer. Visit the Residence tab for more information.




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